Awaz Sayeed’s English Translations ( انگریزی ترجمہ)

Several Urdu short stories of Awaz Sayeed have been translated into English.  Some of these stories are included in at least two recent English compilations of translations of short stories of renowned Urdu writers of the Indian Sub-Continent.

Despairing voices : a collection of modern Urdu short stories‘, edited and translated by Syed Sarwar, Satyam Publishing House (June 15, 2011) . This book includes his four Urdu short stories i.e. ‘Raat Wala Ajnabi’ (‘The night’s stranger’), ‘Udaas Nasal Ka Aakhri Aadmi’ (‘ Last man of the melancholic race’), ‘Andha Kunwan’ ( ‘Dry well’) and ‘Coma’

New Urdu Writings: From India and Pakistan‘ by Rakhshanda Jalil, Westland Ltd (October 1, 2013) which includes the story ‘Chubhan’ (‘Pin-Prick’)

English translations of  Urdu short stories: